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Pipe leaks in Darwin



Pipe Leak Specialists

Leaky pipes are not only annoying and inconvenient, it can also get worse and cause major problems, including a rise in your monthly water bills. In the case of gas leaks, these are very dangerous and poses a lot of risks for you and your family. It is important to contact a licensed plumber or gas fitter immediately to repair leaks in your home.

DUO Plumbing & Gas Maintenance employs a team of skilled plumbing and gas fitting experts that can detect and repair both pipe leaks and gas leaks. We take pride in our personalised leak detection service that has allowed us to gain a steady client base in Darwin and its surrounding areas.
Water Leaking From Irrigation Pipe — Plumbers & Gas Fitters in Coconut Grove, NT

Pipe Leak Repairs

We are trained leak detection technicians who have worked on different kinds of pipe leaks. We are fully equipped with the latest technology to make sure that all your leaks are fixed without having to dig up any part of your property.

Our state-of-the-art CCTV pipe cameras and high-pressure water drain cleaners is what makes up our non-invasive leak detection service. We can easily identify and repair all kinds of pipe leaks almost immediately. We also have other equipment such as acoustic detection devices that can help us better identify the source of pipe leaks.

Gas Leak Repairs

Gas leaks are very hazardous and can put you and your family in danger. It is important to have gas leaks checked by a licensed gas fitter immediately to avoid further problems.

If you think your home might have a gas leak, contact us at DUO Plumbing & Gas Maintenance and we will repair any gas leaks we might find as soon as possible. Our emergency lines are open 24/7 to cater to all of your needs.