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Gas Installations & Maintenance

Gas fitting and maintenance is a very tricky trade that is best left to the professionals. DUO Plumbing & Gas Maintenance provides a licensed type A gas fitter who has serviced residential and commercial clients throughout Darwin. We have a personalised service that ensures consistently high quality workmanship for every project.

New Appliance Installations

When it comes to installing new appliances, it is important to always make sure that these are properly installed. As a licensed gas fitter, we can install a variety of gas powered appliances, from hot water systems to single and multicylinder LPG systems.

Fault-Finding in Appliances

When it comes to repairing gas powered appliances, DUO Plumbing & Gas Maintenance can do the job for you. We are skilled at fixing appliances such as gas stoves, hot plates and even entire gas lines. We make sure that every finished repair work complies with Australian safety standards.
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Gas Leaks

Keeping your gas lines free from any leaks and damage is important to ensure the safety of your home or business. We are fully authorised to carry out safety checks as well as repair gas leaks that could otherwise be hazardous. Give us a call at the slightest sign of a gas leak and let us help keep your family or business safe.

General Gas Maintenance

DUO Plumbing & Gas Maintenance provides general gas maintenance services to residential and commercial clients throughout Darwin and surrounds. We can install appliances such as gas stoves, hot plates and hot water systems. We strictly comply with industry standards and regulations.